EXTENDED DEADLINE! Special Issue on Virtue Epistemology and Scientific Inquiry


Virtue epistemology is focused on cognitive excellences (or virtues), which human agents show in their pursuit of intellectual goals. The Aristotelian idea of intellectual virtues finds its new meanings in modern epistemology in the works of E. Sosa, D. Pritchard, J. Greco, L. Zagzebski, H. Battaly, etc.

For this special issue, we welcome contributions on the problems of scientific inquiry from the virtue epistemology perspective. Since ‘inquiry’ is an extremely heterogeneous concept, epistemic virtues and vices vary across different types of inquiry and different fields of science. Contemporary challenges of denialism and other types of ‘willful ignorance’ induce us to clarify relations between scientific inquiry and basic epistemic goods like truth, knowledge or understanding. We expect submissions from philosophers and researchers from different fields of science aimed at better understanding of the nature and meaning of epistemic virtues and vices, and their role in scientific inquiry.

Duncan Pritchard, Ernest Sosa and John Greco will participate in the Panel Discussion for this issue.

Submissions may be focusing on questions that include, but are not limited to:

  • Basic epistemic goods and scientific inquiry
  • The role of epistemic virtues (or vices) in scientific progress
  • Epistemic virtues and scientific integrity
  • Cultural, historical, political dimensions of epistemic virtues
  • General and specific (local, professional, etc.) epistemic virtues
  • Extended knowledge and virtue epistemology
  • Group agency and intellectual virtues/vices
  • Virtue epistemology and virtue ethics: how to demarcate/ connect the disciplines?
  • Intellectual virtues/vices of experts
  • Virtue epistemology: the origins and prospects of the field

Deadline and Submission Details

Submissions are welcome in English or Russian. The preferred length of an article is 6000 words. General guidelines are available on the website (https://journal.iph.ras.ru/forcontributors).

Full papers should be submitted by February, 28, 2021. All manuscripts will undergo peer review.

For the details, please contact the Guest Editors:

Dr. Artur Karimov, Kazan Federal University, arrkarimov@kpfu.ru

Dr. Sergei Schevchenko, Institute of Philosophy, Russian Academy of Sciences, s.shevchenko@iph.ras.ru