Special Issue on Science and Technology Studies. Call for Papers!



The journal «Epistemology & Philosophy of Science» (http://journal.iph.ras.ru/, https://www.pdcnet.org/pdc/bvdb.nsf/journal?openform&journal=pdc_eps) announces the second call for papers for the special issue dedicated to the 400th anniversary of Bacon’s Novum Organum.


One of the results of the Scientific Revolution of the XVII century was the transformation of ideas about the nature of scientific knowledge, its aims and tasks, its importance for the progress of knowledge and for the well-being of humankind. Francis Bacon contributed to this transformation through his major philosophical works, first of all, Novum Organum and then The New Atlantis. Subsequently, scientific research gained a special place in the structure of society. Inspired by the Houses of Solomon, a number of scientific societies supported by governments appeared in Europe. Science has gradually developed into a special political power that not only provided data for informed political decisions but has become a key argument in a range of cases of public interest. The current situation of the COVID-19 lockdown convincingly demonstrates how scientific knowledge can drive major political decisions which may globally influence the humankind. To reflect on the processes that led to this state of affairs, as well as on the role of Francis Bacon’s ideas in bringing these processes up, is the purpose of our issue.


We expect submissions from historians, philosophers, social and political epistemologists to cover both historical and philosophical topics related to Bacon's idea of science as organized methodological enterprise, social institute, and political agent. 

Submissions may be focusing on questions that include, but are not limited to:

  1. The historical significance of Francis Bacon’s ideas on scientific method and organization of scientific research
  2. Transformation of the image of science/image of knowledge/ during the Scientific Revolution of the XVI-XVII centuries
  3. Science as a method of knowing: merits and demerits
  4. Science as a public good
  5. Science and political decisions
  6. Social institute of science in competition with other institutions
  7. Communications in science: disciplinarity, interdisciplinarity, and trading zones
  8. Ethics of science: cognitive norms, values, and virtues
  9. Prospects and challenges of technoscience
  10. A new humanism and a new utopism
  11. Francis Bacon’s heritage for STS and philosophy of science

«Epistemology & Philosophy of Science» is an open-access journal, Scopus Q1, which publishes articles in Logic, Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Mind, History of Science and Philosophy of Science, Historical, Political, and Social Epistemology. Submissions are welcomed both in Russian or in English. The preferred length of an article is 6000-7000 words. The general guidelines are available on the website (https://journal.iph.ras.ru/forcontributors).

The special issue has to appear in July 2021. Please send an abstract of up to 150 words to to journal@iph.ras.ru by September 15, 2020. If your abstract is approved, you will then be invited to submit a full manuscript by December 15, 2020. That manuscript will undergo a review process as well.