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Xorošij argument i èpistemičeskij reljativizm
Alexei Chernyak
Department of Humanitarian and Social Science of Russian, University of Friendship of Nations
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No. 3 (Vol. 33)

What is an epistemically good argument? There is an important and widely recognized distinction between an argument and an argumentation; and there is a fact that logically correct argument may have different values in argumentation corresponding to its persuasiveness or capacity to provide beliefs, or convey consensus, or some other presumably relevant types of results. Does it have different epistemic value in such contexts as well? Epistemic value in turn tends to be constructed in various manners according to the background social epistemology. How relativistic the idea of epistemically good argument might be after all? These are the questions addressed by this paper.

good argument, social epistemology, knowledge, justification, argumentation, relativism

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