Civil activism, mediation and expertise in scientific environment

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Grazhdanskiy aktivizm, institut posrednichestva i ekspertizy v nauchnoy srede
Alina O. Kostina
Institute of Philosophy, Russian Academy of Sciences
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No.2 (Vol.55)

Civil activism in the field of science is one of the most crucial issues and the key factor of autonomy of science. Herewith, the position of universities and other scientific institutions is vulnerable and hinges upon state and private financing. Science finds itself between two unattractive and doubtful prospects of developing in either bureaucratic or corporate (in the business sense) way, which leads to the abridgement of basic academic freedoms. Setting the problem of professional expertise and mediation is highly important for the definition of borders and consolidation of the position of science.

civil activism, expertise, scientific environment, mediation practice

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