Computer Science: features of Russian classification

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Computer Science: osobennosti otechestvennogo klassifitsirovaniya
Tatiana D. Sokolova
Institute of Philosophy, Russian Academy of Sciences
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No.1 (Vol.55)

The article deals with Russian scientific classifications (GRNTI, VAK) of computer science in comparison with Western scientific classifications Fields of Science and Technology (FOS) and Universal Decimal Classification (UDS). The author analyzes the basics and principles of these classifications, identifies their strong and weak points as well as their influence on the development of computer sciences. She also provides some recommendations on adjustments of Russian scientific classifications aiming to make them more flexible and adaptive to the faster scientific and technological development and interdisciplinary cooperation.

computer science, scientific classifications, GRNTI, VAK, Fields of Science and Technology

Lektorsky, V. A., et al. “Gumanitarnoe znanie i sotsial‘nye tekhnologii” [Humanities and social technologies], Voprosy filosofii, 2013, no. 9, pp. 3–30.
(In Russian)
Sorina, G. V., et al. “Kommunikatsii v nauke: epistemologicheskie, sotsiokul’turnye, infrastrukturnye aspekty” [Communications in science: epistemological, socio-cultural, infrastructural aspects. Materials of the Round Table], Voprosy filosofii, 2017, no. 11, pp. 23–57. (In Russian)

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