Lectures on Justification. Part 10. The office of justifying faith

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Lektsii ob opravdanii. Lektsiya 10. Prednaznachenie opravdyvayushchei very
John Henry Newman
Alexander Mishura (transl.)
National Research University Higher School of Economics
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no.3 (vol.53)

«Lectures on Justification" were read by John Henry Newman, one of the leaders of the Tractarian movement, in 1837 in Oxford, and then published in 1838. This series of lectures exemplifies Newman's doctrine of the "via media" of the Anglican Church. According to this doctrine, Anglican Church is supposed to pass between the extremes of papism and popular Protestantism. The tenth lecture examines the relationship between faith and justification. The author criticizes the popular Protestant doctrine of justification by faith only that neglects the office of sacraments in salvation. He suggests the interpretation of faith as one of the instruments of justification, which justifies only after and not before the baptism.

Newman, faith, justification, baptism, Protestantism, Anglicanism
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