Specifics of the religious consciousness in the Post-Soviet socio-cultural region

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Spetsifika religioznogo soznaniya v postsovetskom sotsiokul'turnom prostranstve
Larisa Mikhaylova
Moscow State Pedagogical University
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no.3 (vol.53)

Author analyses the specifics of religious consciousness in the post-secular socio-cultural space. It focuses on the study of the nature and dynamics of spirituality in the Post-Soviet Russian society, clarifying the semantic contents of the dichotomous variables “believer – non-believer”, “religious – non-religious”, and explaining the functioning of these concepts in the mass religious consciousness. Based on the extensive material of sociological studies conducted in Russia over the past decades, the research attempts to identify covert processes that affect the results of religious identification. Among the main features of the modern religious mass consciousness are the following: external nature of spirituality, ethno-confessional reductionism, eclecticism of religious beliefs, magical perception of the sacred, virtualization of religion, religious intolerance, as a result of predominance of the first-generation believers.

religious consciousness, religiosity, believer, non-believer, religious identification, ethno-confessional reductionism

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