Production of knowledge about the knowledge: from the need for the "normalizing law" to the interdisciplinary exchange and competition

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Proizvodstvo znaniya o znanii: ot potrebnosti v "normiruyushchem zakonodatel'stve" k mezhdistsiplinarnomu obmenu i konkurentsii
Olga Koshovets
Institute of Economics, Russian Academy of Sciences
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No.2 (Vol.52)

The author discusses the reasons for the disciplinary and epistemological uncertainty of historical epistemology – why it is theoretically heterogeneous and fragmented as well why it needs excessive object domain and instrumental diversity, and what is the reason for its weak comparing with the philosophy of science disciplinary status. In this context, the author considers the conditions of the philosophy of science emergence that is the era of the science transformation into a productive force which causes the objective demand for "epistemological normativity". She puts forward the hypothesis about the reasons that have led the philosophy of science to the subsequent loss of its role of normative meta-discourse. In particular, the author draws attention to the problem of overproduction of scientific knowledge and the fundamental impact of this factor on the development of modern science both on the epistemological and the institutional levels.

historical epistemology, philosophy of science, the production of scientific knowledge, disciplinary knowledge, interdisciplinarity, norm

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