Economic theory and legal studies:towards the bilateral dialogue

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Ekonomicheskaya teoriya i pravovedenie: k osnovaniyam dlya dialoga ravnykh
Liana Tukhvatulina
Institute of Philosophy, Russian Academy of Sciences
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No.1 (Vol.51)

This is a review of the book “The Future of Law and Economics” by American legal philosopher and judge Guido Calabresi (Moscow: Institut Gaidara, 2016). Author considers the theoretical aspects of the bilateral relations between the economic theory and legal studies developed by Calabresi. The author analyzes the differences between the previous tradition of the economic approach to law, which was based on the principle of epistemological expansion of economic theory into the field of legal studies, and the common program  of “law and economics”, which is aimed to find the basis for the bilateral dialogue between these sides of social knowledge. Both programs assume some alternatives for the formal analysis of law. The author discusses the concept of merit good and evaluates the prospects for the reception of this concept in legal philosophy.   

law and economics, economic approach to law, Calabresi, legal theory, epistemology, formalism

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