“Wonderland” of theoretical epistemology

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«Zazerkal'e» teoreticheskoi epistemologii
Natalia Kuznetsova
Russian State University for Humanities
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No.1 (Vol.51)

Author argues that the social relay theory by Mikhail Rozov is the result of the deep analysis of the number of empirical facts and of the facts from the history of science. “Relay” is the core notion of this theory that was used by Quine for the clarification of the connection between the word and denotatum in the “Word and Object”.  The author enumerates the other philosophers who have explained this connection the same way. It’s claimed that the theory of social relay is close to Bruno Latour’s actor-network theory in the problem definition. 

social relay theory, mode of existence of the semiotic objects, actor-network theory, epistemology, history of science

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