Historical epistemology in search of symbolical status

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Istoricheskaya epistemologiya v poiskakh simvolicheskogo statusae
Natalia Kuznetsova
Russian State University for Humanities
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No.1 (Vol.51)

The author argues that the analysis of the matter and problems of historical epistemology is ineffective when it begins with the ordering of the key notions. N.I.Kuznetsova claims that it’s important to show the necessity of the descriptive point of view in considering the historico-scientific problems. Description of the previous epochs requires the researcher’s refusal to assess them from the modern prospects. The author considers the absence of this refusal as one of the biggest failures of the contemporary historiography of science and epistemology.

historical epistemology, relativism, normativity, descrtiptive method

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DOI: 10.5840/eps20175113
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