Mind and language in the work of B. Whorf

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Yazyk i soznanie Bendzhamina Uorfa
Andrey Veretennikov
Institute of Philosophy, Russian Academy of Sciences
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No.4 (Vol.50)

In the article author develops the analysis of genesis of B. Whorf’s views on language and reality. First part is dedicated to the historical analysis of Whorf’s views on mind and language. Genesis of his views is threefold: modern logic, cultural linguistics and mysticism. The latter becomes in a sense prevalent. Second part deals with analysis of arguments of the critics of principle of ‘linguistic relativity’ and concludes in evaluation of the validity of the arguments for the proponents of the ‘principle’. The article accompanies first Russian translation of Whorf’s article ‘Language, mind and reality’, important for critical evaluation of his background views and his theosophical mysticism in particular.

Benjamin L. Whorf, principle of linguistic relativity, linguistics, philosophy of language

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