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Tekhnonauka i «uluchshenie» cheloveka
Boris Yudin
Institute of Philosophy, Russian Academy of Sciences
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No. 2 (Vol. 48)

Technologies and practices aimed at improving the physical, mental, intellectual, moral and other characteristics of a person are becoming increasingly popular today. What makes all this possible is the present stage of scientific and technological development of society, often referred to as technoscience. This article discusses two general contours of what constitutes a technoscience. The author argues that, internally, technoscience is associated with establishing increasingly close and diverse links between science and technology. Externally, technoscience incorporates other components, such as business, financing the development of new technologies, a human as an individual person and, at the same time, as a mass consumer of new technologies, and society, through which the interaction between all other blocks occurs.

What is claimed to be of crucial importance is the fact that a human individual very often becomes the target of a variety of technological interventions. For a long time, such interventions have been primarily medical, therapeutic in their nature. Gradually, however, the spectrum of applications of biomedical technologies has grown wider. A significant role in this widening of the spectrum during last few decades is claimed to be played by processes of medicalization of human life.

The author considers the delineation between therapeutic interventions and those which are aimed at improving an individual. He addresses the problems of the connection between the projects of human enhancement, on the one hand, and their radical transformation, on the other.

technoscience, biomedical technologies, therapeutic interventions, human “enhancement”, transhumanism

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