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Transdistsiplinarnye shtudii
Galina Sorina
Lomonosov Moscow State University
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No. 1 (Vol. 47)

Book review: Transdisciplinarity in philosophy and science: approaches, problems, prospects. V. Bazhanov, R.W. Scholz (eds.). Moscow: «Navigator» Publishing House, 2015. 

The article provides analysis of the findings of the interdisciplinary studies presented in the book “Interdisciplinarity in Philosophy and Science: Approaches, Issues, Prospects” (edited by V. Bazhanov and R.V.Scholtz. M.: Publishing house “Navigator”, 2015) published in 2015. In the paper, the collective monograph is described as the first Russian book on the interdisciplinarity issues which covers such a broad range of subjects and has been written with the participation of the leading foreign specialists in the field of interdisciplinarity. Specifics of philosophical issues of interdisciplinarity and issues of interdisciplinarity in science are analysed in the article following the authors of the book. The author of the article points out significance of education and educational environment in the formation of the idea of interdisciplinarity itself. It is concluded in the paper that learning about the issues of interdisciplinarity might be useful for a broad range of scholars from a great variety of fields of scientific knowledge. 

interdisciplinarity, philosophy, science, education, definition, typology of interdisciplinary studies, integration of knowledge
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