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Istorija v zerkale filosofii
Vadim Mezhuev
Institute of Philosophy,Russian Academy of Sciences
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No. 1 (Vol. 47)

Philosophy of history is analyzed here from the point of its epistemological and ontological meaning. The author considers that the ontological point of view makes it possible to conceptualize the history as the unity of its all times– Past, Present and Future. The connection between these three times based on their relation to the concept of Eternity which has been symbolically formed within the mythological, religious and utopian Weltanschauung. The necessity of these relations transforms philosophy of history into a special kind of ontological historical knowledge. The study of history from the prospect of unity is only possible within the historical interpretation of Future as an epoch of bridging the gap between Time and Eternity. This philosophical concept author calls the Time of Freedom.

history, time, eternity, past, present, future, time of Freedom.

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