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Ponyatie a priori v filosofii logicheskogo jempirizma i ego pervye kritiki
Tatiana Sokolova
Institute of Philosophy, Russian Academy of Sciences
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No. 3 (Vol. 45)

The philosophy of logical empiricism has largely determined the direction and the range of problems of philosophy, which later became known as analytic philosophy. Philosophers of the Vienna Circle and their followers had to dissociate their program from the dominant in the early twentieth century philosophies (particularly neo-Kantianism and neo-Hegelianism). As a part of this task the revision of the concepts of classical epistemology, including the concept of a priori has been carried out. The paper examines how, in the framework of logical empiricism, apriority became identified with analyticity, and discusses alternative theories of the a priori, which were a result of this identification.

a priori, analyticity, logical empiricism, synthetic a priori, functional a priori

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