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Sociologija i jepistemologija: obmen kognitivnym opytom
Lyudmila Mikeshina
Moscow Pedagogical State University
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No. 1 (Vol. 43)

The paper examines modern sociology the experience of which enriches social epistemology and philosophy of science. The problem of a universal, general theory is very hard do deal with, though it had emerged as early as in the epoch of Enlightenment. The paper discusses whether a general theory is possible and a methodological role played in its creation by “middle range theories”, that is the approach proposed by American sociologist R. Merton. The methodological structure of Marxist theory, traditionally seen as “the general theory”, is under critical scrutiny. Another aspect of sociological methodology development is G. Ritzer’s ideas of “an integrated sociological paradigm” and also of “a multiply paradigm science”. This approach is used to analyze “a degree of generality” of sociological theories. J.R. Searle’s interpretation of the nature of facts in social sciences, where facts may get an objective status because of an agreement between members of society, is also discussed. On the whole, the paper comes to the conclusion that philosophical and methodological problems in the cognitive experience of modern sociology are diverse and important.

sociology, general theory, middle range theories, multiply paradigm science, fact, R. Merton, G. Ritzer, J. Searle, epistemology

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