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Hans Poser
Technische Universität Berlin, Germany
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No. 1 (Vol. 43)

A fruitful analysis of the structure of the natural sciences has been carried out by V. Stepin. The leading question of this paper focuses on whether it is possible to use this structure for the techno sciences as well. In order to compare both sides of the argument, I have developed the Basic Rules – a somewhat differing set of commitments for the sciences. These allow discussing the structural elements of a special science and comprise methodological commitments relating to 1. ontology, 2. sources of knowledge, 3. hierarchy of knowledge sources, 4. judicial procedures and 5. normative elements. This enables one to illustrate that a paradigm shift, which Th. Kuhn sees as an irrational conversion, as sees it, rests on a well-founded rational critique of particular elements of these commitments that nevertheless depends on a meta-level argumentation, going back to the world view and finally pleading for truth as a regulative idea. This is the meta-justification of alterations to the basic justification commitments.

Stepin, justification, techno science, methodological commitments

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