Discussion of V.Lektorski's "Constructivism vs Realism"

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Boris Pruzhinin
Journal “Voprosy Filosofii”
Tatiana Schedrina
Moscow Pedagogical State University
Elena Trufanova
Insitute of Philosophy, Russian Academy of Sciences
Sophia Pirozhkova
Insitute of Philosophy, Russian Academy of Sciences
Vadim Rozin
Insitute of Philosophy, Russian Academy of Sciences
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No. 1 (Vol. 43)

Vladislav Lektorsky’s paper is the text of his talk at the conference “Social Philosophy of Science: Russian Prospects” (Moscow, November 2014). Lektorsky suggests the position of  constructive realism that should reconcile constructivist and realist approaches in epistemology. Five Russian philosophers (Boris Pruzhinin, Tatiana Schedrina, Elena Trufanova, Sophia Pirozhkova, Vadim Rozin) comment on V.Lektorsky’s ideas.

Boris Pruzhinin together with Tatiana Schedrina (following Lektorsky’s steps) argue  the idea that cultural and historical reality is not relative, they show that the nowadays popularity of constuctivism is conneceted with the tendency of “pragmatisation” of theory of knowledge, but they also underline that there are some strong points in radical constructivist position. Elena Trufanova argues that social constructionism (as a version of social constructivism) has some productive ideas concerning understanding of the Self and personal identity in the complicated contemporary social and cultural situation. Sophia Pirozhkova shows the role of constructive realism position in regard to the research of the knowledge about the future. Vadim Rozin defends the constructivist position, arguing that new schemes constructed by philosophers or scientists construct new reality.

constructivism, realism, social constructionism, constructive realism, scheme, radical constructivism, knowledge about the future, forward-looking activities

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