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Konstruktivizm vs realizm
Vladislav Lektorski
Institute of Philosophy, Russian Academy of Sciences
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No. 1 (Vol. 43)

The article attempts to reconcile constructivist and realist positions in epistemology  by proposing the position of the constructive realism. It is shown that contemporary constructivism (especially, social constructivism) is often contradictory and relativism is seen as its specific trait. The position of constructive realism is a kind of realistic position that is based on several approaches to the understanding of cognition, such as “ecological approach” to perception  (J.Gibson) and activity approach (L.Vygotsky, A.Leont’ev, et al.). The “constructive realism” term is not contradictory, because if we say that something is constructed (for example, the Self, personal identity etc.) it doesn’t mean they are not real. The human constructs many objects that get out of his control and start to live their own lives (social institutes, ideal objects etc.), but that doesn’t make them less real. Subjective reality is different from physical reality, but it’s real all the same. Even though it is constructed largely via social communication, it doesn’t mean it cannot be researched as the real thing. Thus, the reality should be regarded as multilevel and multilayer, each level of reality cannot be reduced to another one, but they depend on each other.

constructivism, realism, social constructivism, relativism, constructive realism

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