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Mezhdisciplinarnost’: logicheskiy analiz
Vladimir Vasyukov
Institute of Philosophy, Russian Academy of Sciences
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No. 3 (Vol. 41)

The article presents an analysis of the phenomenon of interdisciplinarity from the point of view of Universal Logic – a general theory of logics considered as the kind of mathematical structures by analogy with the universal algebra treatment of algebras – discloses some basic combinations of scientific theories (other patterns of combinations are not forbidden but the scope of their applicability turns out to be essentially restricted). Such an approach is based on strongly idealized understanding of the scientific theory (theory as such) and in fact deals with the logical conception of a theory as the system of correlated statements. Early it was shown that there are just four basic combinations of theories which scope of applicability coincides with the universe of theories in the framework of Universal Logic. Here their constructions are explained by giving examples of the transfer of social doctrines into biology or so called sociobiologism.

interdisciplinarity, Universal Logic, combination of theories, transfer of social doctrines into biology

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