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Čelovek, znanie i social'nye texnologii
Ilya Kasavin
Institute of Philosophy, Russian Academy of Sciences
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No. 1 (Vol. 31)

The concept of "social technology" (ST), as used in science less frequently than in journalism, has not yet reached any theoretical maturity. This is due to a general state of the social and the human sciences, which till the present moment have not given rise to a science of social engineering (the history of natural sciences run differently), and thanks to a number of socio-political circumstances. Social technology is a problem which requires empirical interdisciplinary synthesis, on the one hand, and new theoretical conceptualizations, on the other. The article proposes a working definition, a number of theoretical statements and typologies as well as considerations about development and use of social technologies, altogether providing a step in the construction of the synthetic theory.

social technology, epistemology, philosophy of science, constructivism

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