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K kritike reprezentatsionalizma
Konstantin Frolov
Saint Petersburg State University
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No. 2 (Vol. 36)

The article deals with the basic ideas and approaches to the problem of perception and consciousness, which are known as representationalism. The author describes the specifics of higher-order theories of perception of W. Lycan and higher-order thought theory of D. Rosenthal. Also he discusses some features of a non-reductive version of representationalism in connection with arguments of D. Chalmers, who prefers Frege’s interpretation of content of experience to Russell’s version. Finally, the author addresses several critical arguments which concern the difficulties met by representationalism in cases when it becomes necessary to take into consideration cultural, historical and semantic context of various events and phenomena in the framework of human perception.

representation, intentionality, qualia, explanandum, contextual dependence

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