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Nauchnaya revolyutsiya v meditsine XVII v.
Andrey Stochik
Institute of the History of Medicine Russian Academy of Medical Sciences
Sergey Zatravkin
Institute of the History of Medicine Russian Academy of Medical Sciences
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No. 4 (Vol. 38)

The article presents the results of the studies based on the application of the concept of the structure and dynamics of scientific knowledge developed by V. S. Stepin to the analysis of the history of the 17th-century medicine. The scientific revolution in the 17th-century medicine was of a globally-disciplinary nature and involved changes in all of the bases of the medical science of the galenism period. Its mechanism was a "paradigm inoculation" of new methodological principles of scientific knowledge originated from astronomy. The crucial role in the transmission of these statements into medicine was alloted to Galileo`s disciples and followers - S. Santorio and W. Harvey. The works by Descartes provided the revision of philosophical foundations of medical science and the emergence of a new picture of reality in the XVIIth-century medicine. The adoption of Cartesian ideas of kinetic mechanics and their wide-spread occurrence in medicine were connected with the development and implementation of iatrophysical teachings (G. Borelli, L. Bellini) and the teachings of the corpuscular iatrochemistry (F. Sylvius and others).

scientific revolution, the foundations of science, the picture of reality, medicine, Galen, Galileo, Harvey, Descartes, iatrophysics, iatrochemistry

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