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Olga Stoliarova
Institute of Philosophy, Russian Academy of Sciences
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No. 1 (Vol. 35)

This paper offers the conception of philosophical history of science as an alternative to both transcendental and formal approaches to the development of science and scientific knowledge. There is a key question here: can a history of science be relevant not only for epistemology but also and first of all for ontology that deals with the nature of reality (being)?

In the first part the author reconstructs and critiques what she calls a “transcendental historicism”. She argues that its main idea of the universal teleology of reason turns into a withdrawal from a real history of science/nature and disregard for ontology. In the second part she formulates her own position that might be taken as a kind of historical scientific realism. She concludes that the philosophical history of science is able to give ontology its due because it is able to uncover a historically changeable ontology of the transcendental historicism itself.

realism, history of science, transcendental historicism, a priori knowledge, relativism

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