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Epistemology and Philosophy of Science is aimed at highlighting the key issues in epistemology, philosophy of science and theory of knowledge. We’re trying to keep the audience informed about the most current trends and support the publication of the most relevant books on these topics. More than 10 books have been published under the heading of Epistemology and Philosophy of Science since 2010.




Encyclopedic Dictionary of Epistemology. Ilya Kasavin (ed.). Moscow: Alfa-M, 2011.






David Hume and Modern Philosophy. Ilya Kasavin (ed.). Moscow : Alfa-M, 2012.






Scientist's thinking in the past and nowadays. L.A.Markova (ed.). Moscow: Alfa-M, 2012.






Ilya Kasavin. Social Epistemology: Basic and Applied Problems. Moscow: Alfa-M, 2013.






Social Epistemology : Ideas, Methods, Programms.

Ilya Kasavin (ed.). Moscow: “Kanon+” ROOI “Reabilitacija”, 2010.



ком рац-ть.jpg


Communicative Rationality and Social Communications.

Ilya Kasavin , Vladimir Porus (eds.). Moscow: Alfa-M, 2012.



общество техника наука.jpg


Society. Technology. Science. On The Way to The Theory of Social Technologies.

Ilya Kasavin (ed.). Moscow:  Alfa-M, 2012.



язык знание реальность.jpg


Language. Knowledge. Reality.

Ilya Kasavin, Petr Kusliy (eds.). Moscow: Alfa-M, 2011.





Truth in Science and in Philosophy.

Ilya Kasavin, Elena Knyazeva, Vladislav Lektorskiy (eds.). Moscow: Alfa-M, 2010.




Language and Mind. Analytical and socio-epistemological contexts.

Ilya Kasavin (ed.). Moscow: Alfa-M, 2013.





Philosophy of Language and Formal Semantics.

Petr Kusliy (ed.). Moscow: Alfa-M, 2013.





Olga Stoliarova. Science Investigation from the Prospects of Ontological Turn.

Moscow: Izdatel'stvo “Ruslajn ,2015.



наука и соц картина мира.jpg 

Science and the Social Picture of the World.  

Ilya Kasavin, Vladimir Arshinov (eds.). Moscow: Alfa-M, 2014.