Epistemology and Philosophy of Science


The journal announces a call for papers for a special thematic issue devoted to the 200th jubilee of Karl Marx. The submissions are expected in terms of but not limited by the following topics:

  1. Marxist tradition of constructing a scientific philosophy and the modern naturalization trend
  2. Marxist understanding of science as an intellectual activity and a social institution
  3. Marxist ideas of the social nature of cognition and the contemporary science and technology studies
  4. Scientific revolutions and the role of metaphysics in science
  5. Dialectical materialism and the varieties of realism
  6. Epistemological theory of reflexion and its alternatives
  7. Representation and construction in knowledge
  8. Relativism revisited and Lenin’s critique of relativism
  9. The individual and collective cognitive agent: difference, identity, reduction
  10. N. Bukharin, B. Hessen and the science policy today
  11. Marxism, Russian cosmism and post-humanism about the prospects of science, technology and humanity

Submissions are welcome in Russian and English, the preferred length is 4000-6000 words. The general guidelines are available on the journal site.

Summaries of submissions up to 150 words are expected (journal@iph.ras.ru) for the first-round expertise up to the 1st of March, 2018. Complete submission deadline is the 1st of May 2018.


Epistemology and Philosophy of Science journal was established by the Institute of Philosophy, Russian Academy of Sciences, in 2004, as the first post-Soviet philosophy journal in Russia and has become the highest rated post-Soviet philosophy journal and the third highest rated journal among all philosophy journals in Russia, according to the Russian Science Citation Index:  


Today it’s a quarterly peer-reviewed journal that appears in printed version at the end of March, June, September, and December. The current journal issues are also available in open-access at: http://journal.iph.ras.ru/

The journal accepts for publication the articles in Russian and English which satisfy the norms of clarity and rigour in exposition and argumentation.